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Shondhi Bazar

In a world when virtual reality is overtaking the conventional practice, the concept of modern day shopping has now moved a lot to Online shopping than to the In store shopping.

Buying and selling of products using internet platform known as e-commerce site has gained world-wide popularity, and Bangladesh is no exception. The rationale behind using e-commerce site or online shop is to take a range of product from many vendors together to the doorstep of a customer at a competitive price saving time money and energy. However the presence of numerous e-commerce sites offering same service comes with a reason where each has its own standard and quality driven by their own philosophy and strategy with variety of terms and conditions attached.

Unlike many Shondhi e-commerce site comes with a unique commitment. Driven by its philosophy “Go green Grow organic” Shondhi e-commerce site sets its goal primarily selling only Shondhi products and if needed, only of those who meets the ethical standard and quality that Shondhi subscribe to.