‘SHONDHI’, a Bangla word, means' Joining’. SHONDHI is a co-operative Organization where people from different walks of life is celebrating the joy of working together.

Our common purpose is to do profitable business with small investments. SHONDHI is based on the philosophy of mutual help. It is not just about uplifting its members economically but also morally and socially. SHONDHI membership instills a spirit of independence, cooperation and tolerance. People usually join SHONDHI for the benefits- to enjoy the ability to make a large purchase in a group, to become empowered and feel like they are part of a meaningful company.

SHONDHI started its journey in January 2019, registered by the Government of Bangladesh Authority.

The initial financing comes by equal monthly investments from its members. An Executive body, from the members, works to identify the core values and mission of the cooperative as well as develop comprehensive business plan and run the business accordingly. When the Executive Committee decides to do a new business it asks equal additional financing from its members. SHONDHI is committed to give dividend in a higher percentage to the members.

With an aim to ‘Go green grow organic’ we focus on from the foods we eat to the air we breathe, going green can help keep us healthy and improve our quality of life. We work to thrive for organic, pure and harmful chemical free world for our children. If not fully but at least we can try to leave the world better than we got.

It is an open platform for all who share our views. New members are always welcome on board.


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